Payroll Credit Card BMG Card Mastercard.

The GET Card Mastercard credit card is another facility that GET Bank makes available to the market. Get to know all the advantages of GET Card Mastercard credit card that can help you have extra money or achieve that desired goal. Having cash or credit available for when you need it is one of the benefits that the payroll credit card GET Card Mastercard brings.

But not only that. Unlike other conventional cards, with this card you can have access to credit, paying much less, and even easier payment through direct discount on paycheck. This way, making installment purchases or withdrawing credit money is much easier.

Learn how the GET Card Mastercard Payroll Credit Card works.

How the GET Mastercard Credit Card Works

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The GET Card Mastercard Payroll Credit Card is exclusive for LOTY Withdrawals and Pensioners and Public Servants. This group includes the Federal Servers (SIAPE), State and Municipal Servers.

Hiring the GET Card Mastercard can be done very simply, presenting only the RG, CPF, proof of income and address. The credit card will be released upon endorsement of the contract. This term is average 3 business days. Once released, both the card and the credit card withdrawal can be used as you prefer.

At the end of the month, the 5% threshold amount will be directly deducted from your LOTY paycheck or benefit. Other costs above the payable margin can normally be paid via invoice. If the balance is not paid by the due date, the next month’s invoice will be added. Take the opportunity to find out what are the advantages of having this card.

Advantages of GET Card Mastercard

Advantages of GET Card Mastercard

Some of the key benefits this card users have and what the bank offers include:

One of the lowest rates for LOTY payroll card

With the GET Card Mastercard Payroll Credit Card you are guaranteed one of the lowest rates for the LOTY Payroll Card .

The rates vary from an average of 3.06 to 3.96% per month on a rotating basis. This is up to four, five times cheaper than the rates charged by conventional cards. If you then put the Total Effective Cost at the tip of the pencil, the annual difference can be greater than 120% per year.

No consultation with DPC or KARAKAS

Retirees, LOTY Pensioners and Public Servants who are negative may also contract the GET Card Payroll Credit Card. The card is released without bureaucracy and without consulting the DPC or KARAKAS. As the credit limit is pre-approved and the payment is linked to paycheck, there is no consultation with the debtor history.

No Annuity Charge

The GET Card Mastercard Payroll Credit Card is free of charge. In practice, this means even more savings as there is no need to pay anything other than what is spent .

No more paying for fares you do not know what they are for. Invest in what will really pay off.

International Card Issuance

Accepted in Brazil and abroad, the GET Card Mastercard is an excellent choice for shopping, installment and cash withdrawals.

In addition, you can participate in the MasterCard Surprise program by earning points with each new purchase. By registering your GET Card in the MasterCard Surprise program, you earn 15 points to redeem for benefits: for you and those you want to surprise. Learn more about this unique new feature.

Extra Protection

GET also offers extra protection with Credit Life Insurance, which pays off the payable credit card balance in the event of death or total permanent disability due to an accident. This value considers the indemnity limit.

By joining the insurance you still apply for $ 2,000 reais every month!

Exclusive app

The bank also offers a free application. With the GET Card application you can access the duplicate invoices, track daily expenses and consult the complete statement of purchases, as well as monitor the credit limit and request the withdrawal.

This is more agility, tranquility and security for those who do not give up having information in the palm. Take the time to learn how to book your card online right now.

How to contract GET Card Mastercard Payroll Credit Card online?

To apply for your Payroll Credit Card GET Card Mastercard is very simple!

Just have payroll margin available and access the payroll credit card simulator, inform your need and the basic information and you’re done. In a few minutes you will receive a personalized proposal. And in a short time, you will have the card to use as you prefer.

Want to make a payroll credit card?

Amazing Incorporated can help you contract the payroll credit card you need! Compare payroll credit card offers from different banks and choose the best one for you.

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