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So how exactly does this story relate to Mountain? Well, other than his codename (the Japanese title of the story is å±± 月 記, and å±± is Mountain’s codename in Chinese), and him being literally a tiger acting like a human, I don’t. didn’t know until Mansfield Break was actually released in the World Server. Reading the story attached to the event, I found some very familiar themes that also come up in The moon above the mountains.

Mountain is a very imposing character, almost 2 meters tall (195cm, which puts him at 76.7717 inches to be exact), with a hoarse voice and very good, both in the universe and in the game. , to defeat enemy after enemy. on its own with little or no outside help. It’s very easy to think of him as a bully at first glance, in the same way that Yuan Can was warned about the “man-eating” tiger at the beginning of the story. Its code name also indicates tenacity and strength.

However, his character is kind and worthy of a gentleman, to the point that Barton refers to him as a model prisoner. Quoting the character himself (using my own way to phrase the original Chinese version):

“You should all learn from Anthony here!” C Block inmate, but dialed in and never sees violence as the answer. He spends his day reading, writing and listening to music. Truly a role model you should all follow! “

Barton bluntly says that Mountain is an example everyone should take as a role model, which, by the way, comes from the mouth of a lousy guard who seems to have only his own best interests on his mind. Even on such a person, he made a good and solid impression. It’s to the point that, during cleaning shifts, they will always end up cleaning his cell no matter what.

Speaking of names, in the story, Mountain doesn’t use his code name yet. That’s because this story takes place before he joins Rhodes and gets said codename. It also makes him more “human” throughout the story.

Later, after Mountain foils another HydeBro assassination attempt, the other characters also comment on this:

Kafka: ‘You … uh, you’re an inmate, but you’re much calmer than the rest.’

Domma: “It’s him. Always polite to everyone might as well be his signature.

Kafka: ‘Ah, okay. He’s not only good at beating people up, but he’s not thirsty for blood or anything.

Mountain is a really good and kind person, who has been locked in jail to protect him instead of being really guilty of a heinous crime. (Again, it has been hinted that this is not uncommon at Mansfield). Same sound theme song is a calm, jazzy tune and shows it relaxing as opposed to something suitable for raw, ruthless strength.

I hope the scheme here is visible: despite his outward appearance and good ability to pierce the tar of his enemies, his character does not immediately match this. He’s not a bully through and through. He could potentially get lost attacking an enemy, but chooses not to. Even in the final fight, it remains calculated to a certain extent.

This duality is very visibly evoked by Jesselton / Jayston, and he points it out during said final fight:

– You know, Anthony. From the moment you walked in there was something … wrong. You constantly act politely, but you embody strength. And secretly, I wanted to see it. The facade breaks, and finally see what’s below … ‘

It sums up Mountain’s duality in that one line. Additionally, Mountain’s fourth archive file and second promotion quote also talk about it:

“Doctor, take a good look. This mask of coolness, calm and politeness is extinguished. This is the truest you will ever find me. Bloodthirsty, violent and destructive. Look at me and be my friend.

The tiger in The moon above the mountains, or rather, Li Zheng, is grappling with a similar problem. His moments of human thought and action are increasingly interspersed with the “bloody, violent and destructive” nature of the tiger Mountain mentions in his vocal promotion line. At first, Yuan Can was afraid of the tiger, until he heard his friend. The story may end on a sad note, but it avoids a possible drama in which Li Zheng no longer recognizes Yuan Can when he became a tiger, which he hinted at at the end of the story.

Fortunately, our mountain does not descend entirely into the deep end. He seems to recognize what’s under the mask in his second promotional vocal line, unlike Li Zheng who only became aware of it when he already picked it up (turning him into a tiger). As a bonus, Mountain is interested in literature, much like Li Zheng.

I’m not sure exactly why Mountain is specifically a white tiger and not just a normal orange tiger, but I think this is to underline how unusual this specific tiger (Li Zheng) is to all other tigers, having been human. previously.