Fold mountains

UPSC IAS Prelims 2021: Important Questions About Physical Geography

In this article, get the 10 most important questions on the subject of the mountains of India of Indian geography. Candidates for the UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2021 exams can solve these questions to test their knowledge of this geography topic. The Himalayas are the young folded mountains. It is the highest mountain range in […]

Hotspot volcanoes

Volcanoes Watching: The Five Volcanoes That Could Erupt As Merapi Explodes In A Fiery Eruption | Sciences | New

Indonesia’s most active volcano, Mount Merapi, erupted just two weeks ago, causing a spectacular red river of lava and scorching clouds of gas flowing 9,850 feet (3 km) along. its slopes. Although no casualties were reported, the sounds of the explosive eruption were audible 18 miles (30 km) away – serving as a timely reminder […]