Hotspot volcanoes

Underwater volcanoes: windows on the subsurfa

[ad_1] image: Image 2. Deep sea hydrothermal vent chimneys on the northwest caldera wall of the Brothers volcano. Image courtesy of Anna-Louise Reysenbach, NSF, ROV Jason and 2018 © Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. see Following Credit: Anna-Louise Reysenbach Hydrothermally active submarine volcanoes make up a large portion of Earth’s volcanism and are mineral-rich biological hotspots, […]

Fold mountains

Iranian mountains: a great place to see plants you have never seen before

[ad_1] TEHRAN – Iran is a mountainous country sheltering an extraordinary vascular flora including many rare and endemic plant species of the alpine zone. The importance of mountain biodiversity to all of humanity triggers the changes in attitude and behavior necessary to secure mountain biodiversity and its genetic resources for future generations. Mountain environments cover […]

Fold mountains

How are mountains formed? – World Atlas

[ad_1] Mountains are formed by movement within the earth’s crust. The crust itself is made up of several large plates, called tectonic plates, which float freely. These huge pieces of the earth’s crust move through molten rock called magma, allowing them to move and collide over time. Even though humans live on the crust, they […]