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How Geologists Determined How Mountains Formed

When asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, George Mallory replied “because it is there”. But there was also a more practical reason – “for the top stone for geologists.” It was no joke – geologists were intensely interested in Everest. When Mallory, along with Sandy Irvine, attempted the ascent on June 6, 1924, […]

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Scientists recently realized 1,240 miles of volcanoes are connected | Smart News

“The Nut”, an ancient volcanic plug on Tasmania in Australia Jochen Schlenker/Masterfile/Corbis Sometimes it’s all about perspective. This is what scientists discovered when they realized that several small chains of volcanoes in Australia actually form a 2,000 km long “megachain”. Tia Ghose writes about what is now believed to be the world’s longest chain of […]

Hotspot volcanoes

The largest continental chain of volcanoes ever discovered has just been discovered in Australia

Australia is known for its many dangers. Fires, floods, terrible temperatures, apocalyptic hellish landscapes… Volcanoes are one of the few natural disasters they have largely avoided. There are no active volcanoes on the Australian mainland, but step back a few million years and you’ll find a very different landscape. Researchers recently announced that they have […]

Hotspot volcanoes

Cosgrove Track: Scientists Discover World’s Longest Chain of Continental Volcanoes | Geoscience

An international team of researchers has discovered the world’s longest known continental volcanic hotspot Track — a length of 1,245 miles (2,000 km) Track in eastern Australia which shows a record of volcanic activity between 33 and 9 million years ago. The Cosgrove hotspot trail. Image credit: Drew Whitehouse/NCI National Facility VizLab. The volcanic range, […]

Hotspot volcanoes

World’s longest chain of continental volcanoes found hidden in Australia

The Cosgrove hotspot trail stretches the length of Australia from coast to coast. Drew Whitehouse, NCI National Facility VizLab The world’s longest continental volcanic chain has been discovered running the length of Australia, hidden deep beneath the earth’s crust. It stretches over 2,000 kilometers (1,243 miles), from the Whitsunday Islands in northern Queensland to near […]

Hotspot volcanoes

Hidden superchain of volcanoes discovered in Australia

Scientists have just discovered the world’s longest chain of volcanoes on a continent, hidden in plain sight. Australia’s recently discovered volcanic chain is not a total surprise, however: geologists have long known of the existence of small, distinct chains of volcanic activity on the island continent. However, new research reveals a hotspot once hidden beneath […]